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During the middle of the 20th century, Goalpara District found itself in the embrace of a highly agrarian economy, devoid of the awareness for literary upliftment. Amidst the struggles of freedom, the pursuit of institutional academic excellence took a backseat, with little attention paid to this vital aspect.
However, it was amidst these challenging circumstances that a group of visionary pioneers emerged—Sri Prasanna Kumar Ghosh, Dharma Kanta Ghosh, Manikanta Das, and other nationalists. They recognized the dire need for a educational environment throughout Goalpara, encompassing the then Goalpara, West Garo Hills, and the surrounding hilly regions.
In the middle of the 20th century, they embarked on a mission, seeking the benevolence of Mespara Jaminder Bholanath Choudhury and his father Prithwi Ram Choudhury. Their generous donation of 17B, 17K, 14L land laid the foundation for the establishment of a high school. In 1868, the first thatched hut stood tall, symbolizing the collective efforts of the Goalparians who contributed to its inception. Alas, during a tumultuous period in Calcutta, the hut faced destruction, as miscreants sought to establish a Bengali Medium School. However, the steadfast resolve of Prasanna Kumar, the then Lachit of West Assam, prevailed against such vague demands.
Undeterred by adversity, the school rose once more from the ashes, this time drawing the attention of the British Government, which recognized its potential and took it under its wings. The construction of the present building commenced, along with the establishment of hostels catering to students from diverse backgrounds.
Over the years, the school flourished, and its growth was duly acknowledged in 1910 when it attained government status. High School Teachers were appointed under the Headmaster, and in 1948, the school received further recognition with the sanctioning of a Principal, Vice Principal, and additional Teachers.
Throughout its journey, our school has achieved numerous milestones. In 1972/73, it stood as the pioneer institution in lower Assam, and by embracing the changing needs of education, it evolved into a multipurpose school with vocational streams at the Higher Secondary level. Subsequently, the school progressed to offer Arts, Science, and Commerce streams up to the 11th standard.
In 1971-75, the school earned its well-deserved recognition as a full-fledged Higher Secondary institution, a testament to its commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.
Throughout its illustrious history, our heritage school has been a beacon of inspiration, producing countless accomplished individuals who have left a mark on society. From distinguished leaders like P.A. Sangma, J. Nichols Roy, and Dr. Biren Dutta, to philanthropists like Sri Kamal Baishya and Sri Khanindra Choudhury, Sri Partho Pratim Choudhury (who graciously donated the E-Library, now in Canada), to trailblazing professionals like Dr. Harminder Singh, Dr. Mukut Hazarika, and Sri Mustafizur Rahman—the legacy of excellence continues.
In the embrace of time's tender caress, the school gracefully completed its sequicentennial ceremony, a wondrous celebration of 150 years, in the enchanting year 2017-18. As the sun rises and sets on countless tomorrows, we can be certain that our school will continue to stand as a sanctuary of knowledge, a sanctuary where dreams are nurtured, where talents are honed, and where friendships are forged that last a lifetime.
Welcome to our heritage of learning, where the past inspires the future, and the quest for knowledge knows no bounds. Join us as we journey onward, shaping generations of empowered minds and fostering a legacy that shines brighter with every passing year.

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